Full service tax preparation

Tax Release service

Note: You must be in compliance with the IRS before any of the tax release service can be applied.
To be in compliance with the IRS you must have all year taxes filed. 

US Tax Express can fill all your back taxes.

IRS Letters
We will assist you with ANY letters you have received for the IRS.

Set up installment agreement
If you are unable to pay the lump sum, the IRS will accept a payment plan

Offer in compromise
Allows a taxpayer to settle their debt for less than what is actually owed,

Penalty Abatement
If you owe IRS penalties, you may be able to get some of the penalties removed.

Innocent and injured spouse relief
Injured spouse –if your spouse owes money to the IRS but you don’t owe money to the IRS and is entitled to a refund than filing as injured spouse will allocation a refund to you.

Innocent spouse- your spouse owe the IRS and the IRS is coming after you for the balance, in most cases it is for taxpayer that are no longer married , filing as an innocent could relieve of owing the IRS.

Currently Non collectable
If you in a hardship and unable to pay the IRS you may be eligible for currently non-collectable status.

Tax Services

Individual taxes

Federal and all states

Business taxes

Sole protector (1099misc), Schedule C
Calculate qualified business income deduction
(Eligible business can take a deduction up to 20% of their business income)


If any corrections need to filed with the IRS we can file them

Tax consulting and planning

US Tax express understand the tax laws and we are committed to ensure that our client receives the most deductions that are in accordance with the IRS rules.
We help you with your tax planning for future years.

Audit Support:

Have you recently received a letter from the IRS? Don’t stress, we can assist you in preparing for an IRS Audit, whether your return was prepared with US TAX EXPRESS or elsewhere. We can review your audit correspondence, help you assemble proper documentation for audit, and if necessary, amend your return, to make sure that the issue is resolved. US TAX EXPRESS has several Enrolled Agents on their team that can represent taxpayers before the IRS, in the event of an audit.